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From Rappi to Nara: Felipe Abello's Journey in Tech Innovation

By Anne Schulze

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Felipe Abello is on a relentless quest to make emerging technologies accessible to businesses of all sizes. As co-founder and CEO of Nara, an AI startup simplifying customer service for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Abello is leading the adoption of artificial intelligence in SMEs worldwide.

Fueling Transformation Through AI Integration

The Colombian entrepreneur's foray into technology began in 2015 when he joined Rappi, Latin America's first unicorn startup valued at over $6 billion today. As Rappi's first employee and part of the founding team, Abello was instrumental in structuring internal processes and driving expansion across more than ten countries in Latin America, including Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

"My work with Rappi equipped me with critical knowledge of the challenges tech startups face in scaling operations," says Abello. "It also shaped my perspective on crafting solutions centered around customer needs."

In 2021, Abello used these lessons to establish Nara alongside one other founder. The startup has built an AI-powered sales agent that serves as a virtual assistant for SMEs. This chatbot interacts with website visitors, provides recommendations, addresses queries, and even closes sales deals.

"We are driven by our vision to empower all businesses, regardless of size, with transformative technologies like AI," he explains. "SMEs typically lack expertise or resources to integrate advanced tech. We're here to change that."

Making AI Accessible for SMEs

The practical challenges of high costs, complex tools, and talent shortages often put AI out of reach for SMEs. Nara aims to change the status quo with its innovative solution.

The all-in-one sales agent handles customer interactions, provides support 24/7, and integrates directly into websites with minimal setup. This empowers SMEs to activate AI in minutes without specialized skills.

Nara also uniquely trains its AI by parsing through clients' digital footprint—websites, blogs, and social media—to develop in-depth knowledge. This enables nuanced, personalized recommendations for customers.

The startup has already served over 10,000 customer queries through its AI agents. It has also boosted sales by up to 22% for several clients by enabling process automation.

Steering Into the Future

Nara's recent launch on ProductHunt exceeded expectations, with over 275 upvotes and reaching the top ten products of the day. But for Abello, this is only the beginning.

"The traction we have received encourages us tremendously," he says. "But we are just scratching the surface of what is achievable."

Nara is focused on expanding its adoption across markets like the US, Europe, and Latin America, where Abello sees enormous potential. He explains that the universal challenges of customer care and sales make SMEs everywhere ripe for AI-driven innovation.

"Tech innovation should drive inclusive growth rather than isolate smaller players," says Abello. "Our solutions aim to empower businesses that lack access or know-how without overhauling entire systems."

By spearheading such transformation, Abello hopes to drive exponential impact, empowering both businesses and their communities to thrive. With growth already underway, Nara seems primed to achieve this vision at scale under Abello's leadership.


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