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6 modules. 6 weeks.
1 Demo Day. A lifetime of value guaranteed.
6 modules.
6 weeks.
1 Demo Day.
A lifetime of value guaranteed.


Can I speak to somebody before I enroll?

Absolutely. You are encouraged to schedule a 1-1 call here with EE & Breakouts’ founder, Cornelius McGrath.

What's your refund policy?

All sales are final and non-refundable. If you drop out after the start of Breakouts, your tuition will not be returned.

Retreat tickets are final and non-transferable.

Are retreats included?

No, retreats are not included in your Breakouts tuition. Tickets must be purchased a la carte at checkout.

How do retreats work?

We host 3-day retreats towards the end of each cohort, and they are the capstone of your Breakouts experience. They take place over a weekend in a different part of the United States each quarter – see here for an exhaustive list of our destinations thus far.

Expect top-quality wine, food, locale, activity and conversation. We also fly in a portrait photographer to capture the best moments of the weekend and take personal headshots, so make sure to bring your best outfits and a smile. 

You are responsible for your travel to/from location and we take care of almost everything else.

What access do I get to Cornelius?

I’m available by email anytime. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to answer every note immediately but I’ll always get back to you within 24 hours.

In Breakouts, we’ll spend at least 60 minutes together 1-1 at office hours each week. Outside of that, you’re welcome to email whenever.

What will I walk away with?

Tangibly, you’ll complete 6 modules with readings and assignments that culminate in your I Am Portfolio en route to Demo Day. These are all tools that you’ll own to showcase yourself in front of our Demo Day investors and unlock breakout opportunities in the future. A resume, email newsletter or LinkedIn profile cannot hold a candle to the resonance and reach of these resources.

In addition, you’ll receive lifetime access to our 6 Breakouts modules as well as all workshop and class recordings. Each module presents you with 3 questions, 2 readings and 1 assignment. These modules will equip you with several rare and valuable skills, including systems mapping, storytelling, and relationship formation.

What is the I Am Portfolio?
Your I Am Portfolio serves as the digital vehicle through which you can share your life story, your values, and your past work. It humanizes you and helps you scale your brand. After all, you are so much more than a 1-page resume or LinkedIn Profile. 

Think of Your I Am Portfolio as your very own digital home, a place where you can document your growth through Breakout and beyond. Existing alternatives (e.g., LinkedIn, The Mom Project, Instagram) focus only on moments in time, past achievements, and limiting occupations. We want to give you an evergreen asset that can spark immense professional and personal opportunities.

Why should I take Breakouts now?

The world today is a tricky place. We’re in the thick of the 4th Industrial Revolution and a global pandemic. Expectations, job roles, identity, societal norms, culture, and careers are changing daily. The only constant is exponential change. Dream jobs are no longer a guarantee.

It’s as hard a time as any to be human. And people are confused about a lot. What life should they live? What does a ‘good life’ look like? How do you artfully and effortlessly chart your own path in this noisy, ever-changing world? 

A lot of the models and institutions that our parents, peers, and friends relied on either no longer work, aren’t a fit for us, or will soon cease to exist.

While most of the world is ‘on-hold’, use this time and Breakouts as your vehicle to create your new normal. When the dust settles, you’ll thank yourself for getting ahead.

What's the value of Breakouts?

Your investment in Breakouts will pay dividends immediately, and it will continue to profit you for the rest of your life. The learnings, deliverables, and community are evergreen–you own them forever, and their value compounds with time. 

Here’s a breakdown of the key-value drives behind Breakouts:

Community Access: We’ve all heard the saying, “You are the sum of the people you spend your time with and the books you read.” It isn’t easy in the age of urbanization and work to slow down and connect, and Breakouts offers you methodical, lifelong connections. Our goal is to develop the ability to build new relationships with whomever you want in life.

Demo Day: At Demo Day, you get the opportunity to pitch the best minds in our community. The stage and spotlight are all yours. Who knows, the next time, you’ll be in front of this captive or influential audience again. Ten minutes done right can great decades of growth and ROI upside for our best Fellows.

Retreats: Opportunity to attend quarterly all-expenses-paid retreats in locations across the U.S. (e.g., Austin, TX, Lake Michigan, IL, Lake Tahoe, CA, Miami FL, etc.) with world-class wine, food, conversation and company.

I Am Portfolio: Your I Am Portfolio serves as the platform where you can share your life story, your values, and your past work. It humanizes the digital and scales your magic. Existing alternatives (e.g., LinkedIn, The Mom Project) focus only on moments in time, past achievements, and limiting occupations. You are so much more than a resume. Use your I Am Portfolio to stand out in a world full of print and noise.

Weekly Office Hours: Cornelius provides weekly 1-on-1 coaching via Office Hours with each fellow. Through these in-depth conversations, you’ll be able to explore your most vulnerable questions and get highly tactical around the next steps.

Curriculum: Our school of thought stems from 5+ years of studying, learning from and incorporating the principles of some of the best performers in the world. Breakouts saves you from the painful and time-consuming trial-and-error approach in a world full of noise.

Other online “communities” (e.g., David Perell’s Write of Passage, Seth Godin’s Alt-MBA, etc.) cost $5,000+ and teach a singular skill. A lone credit hour at most universities runs $2,000+. Physical communities like Soho House cost $2,800+ per year, and you have to pay for everything after you walk in the door.

All-in-all, we believe Breakout is a no-brainer on value, and we know you will too.

How is Breakouts different?

Books or classes don’t unlock your full potential. Only a community can do that. And yet the former is what most popular online courses provide in the sense that they either:

  • Don’t have a community and force you to pay top dollar for jargon-based content
  • Advertise a community but only provide a forum or slack group run by an employee with hundreds of people in it who have no idea or interest in anybody but themselves. 
  • Advertise a digital community that is world-class but is in fact not top quality because there is no filter or admissions process.

In short: other online courses, schools and communities don’t help you practice what they preach. In fact, their entire model is predicated on you not doing so. That way, you keep coming back for more.

Put another way, these authors and coaches are experts at convincing you that you should be like them. And not the whole person, but rather a singular skill that they possess and are now selling to you at a significant profit. To achieve transformation in your life, they claim all you need to do is buy a book or take a course. Forget integration and community—all the answers you need are contained on the pages or conferred from a certificate. 

We couldn’t disagree more. Our goal is to invert this siloed, self-enriching model. Think about Breakouts like culinary school. We help you become a great chef, as opposed to a proficient cook. We equip you with the tools, proverbial kitchen, and mise en place you need so you can improvise and create the beautiful food you want to cook. Other offerings give you a singular recipe. You’ll be bored or starved to death if you stay in that world.

We want you to learn with us, not from us. We hope to help you understand yourself, learn how to learn, value the continual pursuit of worthy tools and connect with a community of people focused on growth.

I’m busy. Do I have enough time for this?

Time and money are priorities. Not resources. That said, we’re asking for 4 hours a week, 30 minutes per day. If you don’t have 30 minutes a day for yourself, what kind of life are you even living? If that’s you, you definitely need us. 

As the creators, we designed both The School and Breakouts around our very own busy entrepreneurial schedules. We were comfortably able to complete all requirements to a high standard. If you’re thinking about where you can find space, Screen Time has your answer.

Our belief is that those who do more, do more. If you want to get shit done, give it to a busy person. But being busy isn’t our goal. Nor should it be a badge of honour you throw in our face.

You may be busy. But what exactly are you creating for the world? And are you as effective as you should be? That’s the dividend of our community.

Why are there limited spots?

We cap spots because we value intimacy. We want each Fellow to have a voice during discussions and an opportunity to develop real relationships with others. A genuine, close-knit community is the value of Breakouts. You won’t find this in other courses or communities.

By capping spots, we control the quality and balance of the cohort. Admitted Fellows should be as excited about their acceptance as we are. We look forward to co-creating the Breakouts experience with you. As leaders, we will get to know you–your experiences, motivations, struggles, and goals. We don’t want our attention to be limited due to member quantity.

Do I have to submit assignments? How do I complete the work?
Assignments are compulsory. The cadence of the assignments makes each highly achievable. Our hope is that the positive social pressure of your small groups and 1-1 interactions will help keep you going. There will be days where you don’t want to do it–push through.

We want you to go deep, be vulnerable, and do the work because it’s valuable to you. Not because you want a grade or recognition.

Can’t I find this material online for free?
Maybe–but you haven’t and it’d take several years of deep effort to find. Keep in mind that the information is 20% of the equation–you won’t find the Breakouts community, a framework for delivery, or a space for accountability online. These are paramount to organize and integrate the learnings into your life.
What does a typical week look like?

We ask you for 5 hours per week. Our goal is for you to learn about yourself, form deep relationships, and have a sh*t ton of fun.

While we won’t prescribe a specific schedule, we believe in the power of a balanced routine. Here’s a suggestion for how you can structure a typical week:

Saturday: ‘3-2-1’ Readings [45 minutes]

Read 3-2-1 Module the moment it comes out. Consume Reading #1 and #2. Jot down notes, aha moments, and questions in your central document.

Tuesday: Submit Reflection [30 minutes]

Answer that week’s breakout questions. Submit by 9 PM CT on Google Classroom and share with your small group via Google Drive.

Thursday: Submit Frameworks [10 minutes]

Submit weekly framework by 9:00 PM CT via Google Classroom.

Friday: Founder Office Hours [45 minutes]

Book a 45-minute Office Hour Appointment with Cornelius + Cam. This is a fast-paced 1-1 coaching session where we attack your most urgent questions.

Sunday: Call a Breakouts Fellow [30 minutes]

Shoot a Breakouts Fellow a cold call or schedule a chat for the following Sunday. Our community is world-class.