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The Junto Archive

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MARCH 2021

'21st Century'

Virtual Junto (Vol.4)

Through the lens of politics, design, hospitality, and business, chefs, investors, designers and entrepreneurs defined what the 21st Century means to them and how those answers can foster progress for society writ large.

MAY 2020

Virtual Junto (No.1)

Rhodes scholars, athletes, creatives, and authors descended upon our inaugural retreat at the height of the pandemic to dissect adaptation, fighting the good fight, eustress, the crisis of masculinity, burnout, and maximising our 20s.


Virtual Junto (No.2)

In a time of exponential change, identity, curiosity and community are going anywhere. However, the howwhywhere and when of their manifestation is changing rapidly. This juxtaposition is the theme to underpin August’s retreat.


Virtual Junto (No.3)

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that new beginnings are not anomalies, but rather inevitabilities. A bespoke group of educators, historians, entrepreneurs and artists came together to show us how to make the most of them.  

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