I Am Maya Quijada

I Am Justin Fleischmann

MARCH 23RD, 1996

Maya Quijada


Maya Quijada


How would you describe yourself in 60 words?

I am a Chicago-based personal stylist. I’m thoughtful by nature but plagued by perfectionism! Colorado-grown but most at home in New England. Dog enthusiast and Frenchie mom, mental health advocate. I’m a relationship builder and a lover of travel, people, and connection. Happiest when working on a project.

What do people not realize about you until they’ve known you for a while?

My drive is not to help a brand sell clothing or to increase my clients’ spend; my goal is to situate you with clothing that serves a purpose and has been thought-through. I work with clients to understand them and their goals, then I help them dress to be in the room where that goal gets met. My service is about the functionality of wardrobe as much as it’s about expressing your personality and looking polished.

Are there any quotes you think of often or live your life by?

The secret to having it all is already knowing that you do. 

What is the book you’ve given most as a gift, and why?

I love to gift Ishmael when I meet someone I think might love it. I think it is wonderfully original and thought-provoking.

Maya Quijada