Life is a Team Sport.

Breakouts helps you become a master of your own reality.
To earn your freedom in this game called life.

We’ve created a space for introspection and creative expression.
So you have the energy, clarity, and opportunity to live an extraordinary life.

Our seventh cohort, Breakouts VII, kicks off on January 2nd, 2022.


6 modules. 6 weeks.
1 Demo Day. A lifetime of value guaranteed.


6 modules.
6 weeks.
1 Demo Day.
A lifetime of value guaranteed.

We Teach You How To

We Teach You How To


By Reframing

Your sense of self, approach to entrepreneurship, and pursuit of community. Come to know what you want.


By Identifying

The relationships, skills and spaces that will force you to invest unapologetically in your true value. Your breakout depends on it.

By Committing

Ruthlessly to honing your identity and life around your competitive advantage. Ensure you do what you said you would.


The Breakout Mindset
Breakouts is a learned mindset. Not a class.

To break out of your regular existence, you need to reframe your beliefs around your sense of self, approach to learning, your acquisition of skill, and pursuit of community.

A Week In The Life

A Week In The Life

Breakouts was designed with your busy schedule in mind. You can succeed with 3 hours of focused work and 1 hour of relationship-building every week. Here’s a glimpse:


Breakout Questions

Submit 100-Word responses to each of your 3 BQs. Write like they are in the NYT.



Designed to help you create a body of work that you’re proud to present on Demo Day.


Office Hours

A 1-1 session with the founders where we focus on your most urgent questions.

OCT ’21 – NOV ’21

Course Schedule

In Breakouts, we work through 6 modules over 6 weeks in preparation for Demo Day.


Week 1

Module I: What Do You Want?

Week 2

Module II: Who Are You?

Week 3

Module III: The Science of Storytelling

Week 4

Module IV: The Art of Social Capital

Week 5

Module V: Scale Your Brand

Week 6

Module VI: Design Your Breakout Life


The capstone of your journey.



What Do You Want?
Tell us what you want and we’ll help you get it.

It’s a simple maxim, but it isn’t an easy task. The surest way to get what you want is to be valuable and understand the systems that govern your time, energy, and focus.

Value is not what the market asks or pays you to do. Rather, your value is your unique expertise. We’ll task you to invest unapologetically in those things only you can do.

Who Are You?
You’ve spent most of your life reading and writing countless words about the experiences, stories, and ideas of other people.

What if we turn the table? What if you watch and listen to yourself so you can articulate your competitive advantage? With time and focus, you’ll nurture your personal monopoly.

In Module II, you’ll complete an in-depth personality assessment and articulate what you could be the best in the world at. Once you understand who you can become, you can focus on playing games only you can win.

The Science of Storytelling
Story is the language of humanity. It is the foundation for how we connect, love, and make sense of the world.

Live a life that’s worth talking about and learn how to tell your story.

In Module III, you’ll study the science at the foundation of world-class storytelling. We’ll enable you to ask better questions, which lead to better conversations and evergreen knowledge. You’ll conduct life interviews, learn how to direct dialogue, and author your own narrative.

The Art of Social Capital
Money is an antiquated form of power. Social capital is your most valuable asset.

The world trades on relationships. They are the currency of breakouts. You need to develop the ability to build, cultivate, and reciprocate opportunities within and beyond your network.

In Module IV, you’ll learn how to build social capital from scratch. We’ll show you how to get in front of anyone while cultivating relationships that provide the opportunities, perspectives, encouragement, and skills you need to breakout.

Scale Your Brand
You’re only one person. To get the most out of life, you need to scale your brand.

The key is to develop a platform that showcases your worldview, work, network, and talents. It’s an asset that works for you around the clock.

In Module V, you’ll amplify the reputation and reach of your brand. By leveraging your past lived experience, present talents, and future aspirations, you’ll begin to create content that will compound the quality of your life, relationships, and opportunities.

Design Your Breakout Life
You only get one life. Don’t allow others to design it for you and stop trusting that you’ll get what you want without explicitly asking for it.

Breakout opportunities are rare. To maximize the likelihood that you breakout, we’ll teach you to stop seeking results and start embracing a lifestyle.

In Module VI, you’ll architect the lifestyle  you need to live in order to get what you want. You’ll implement our learnings and relationships to see what you couldn’t see before. All you need is tact, patience, and hustle to bring it to life.

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