The capstone of each Breakouts cohort is a 3-day retreat. We invite all enrolled Fellows alongside the best of our alumni. Retreats are an incredible opportunity to share in a weekend of beautiful wine, food, friendship and conversation with your cohort.

The weekend is designed to be a respite—your escape from the busyness, noisiness, and distraction of the day-to-day. Retreats are our sincere thank you for your investment in this community, a celebration of your talent, and the first step towards all that’s to come.

We cannot wait to meet each of you.

The Weekend

The Weekend



Fellows arrive at the property in the late afternoon / early evening. We are typically 20-minute Uber / Lyft from the major airport.

We’ll greet everyone on-site before going to a local brewery for introductions and a night of conversation. You’re free to enjoy the property and the pool to close out the evening.


Group Workout

We’ll begin the day with a morning workout or hike followed by brunch at a local restaurant. Time to get the endorphins flowing.


Delicious Brunch

We’ll get into our first conversation menu of the weekend during brunch. Expect excellent and raw conversation. 


Office Hours + Work Session

Cornelius and Cam will host abbreviated office hours on-site for a few hours before a local entrepreneur runs a masterclass. When you are not attending your office hours, feel free to enjoy the property.


Chef’s Table Dinner + Nightcap

We’ll enjoy a Chef’s Table dinner at one of the best spots in the city on Friday night. Each Fellow is asked to share why they came and what their #1 intention is for the retreat/remainder of Breakouts.


Lecture + Presentations

We’ll hold an abbreviated Breakouts lecture before transitioning into two, longer-form presentation sessions for Deload I.



Community Happy Hour

In the late afternoon before dinner, you can go to the beach, lounge by the pool, read, write, or converse. We’ll host a happy hour before dinner with select guests from our networks in the local area.



Catered Dinner 

Happy hour guests will be invited to stay for our private, family-style dinner at the house for a fun evening of conversation.


Keynote Speaker

Dinner will be followed by a keynote from a world-class local entrepreneur, chef, artist or creative. They’ll discuss the origin of their breakout journey, what they’re building and how we help.



Our final day begins with a sunrise walk/yoga session, and we hope you take time to journal and reflect on the weekend by the porch or pool. We’ll debrief with each Fellow before saying our goodbyes.

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