Maya Quijada


Maya Quijada


Emilia provides nuanced, individualized, expressive wardrobe pieces curated for you. Ensembles that express not only how you physically present in the world but also who you plan to be.

By defining your personal style, you can avoid chasing trends and fast fashion and — most importantly — feel good.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. 


Who is Emilia for?

You can be starting from scratch or refining your collection. Our bodies show up in so many different forms throughout our lives, but the way we present ourselves can be a massive source of self esteem and confidence. With defined personal style, coaching and collaboration, and an accessible sounding board, you can realize the best possible you.

What are you pricing options?

Emilia has three products:

  1. 1-1 Consultation: $150 ($100 TSoB) – Book Now
  2. Full Monte: $600 ($450 TSoB) – Book Now
  3. A La Carte: $150/hr ($100 TSoB) – email

1-1 Consultation (60 Minutes)

In our consultation, I spend time getting to know you and your style. After you pay for your consultation, you will be redirected to calendly to schedule a time for us to connect. I ask you to submit my fashion Q+A 24 hours before our meeting so I can learn as much as I can about your lifestyle, dressing habits, body shape, pet peeves,  style inspirations, and budget ahead of time.

We will review this for the first 15 minutes of the call. Then, we will conduct either a 3 outfit review (e.g. groceries, date night, errands) or a closet clean out for 45 minutes.

Full Monte

A major turning point in your style and personal expression. During our initial consult, I learn about as much as I can re: your lifestyle, dressing habits, body shape, pet peeves, style inspirations, and budget. I create a vision board for us to dream up the style you’d like to achieve. Then we make that happen – creating 1-3 ensembles that you’ll reach for over and over again.

A La Carte 

If you need “one off” items for a special event, wedding or a birthday, I’m happy to help. I charge $150/hr ($100 TSoB).

This is a fantastic option for executing “goal” outfits or ensembling pieces you’re unsure how to style.

What's your process?

In our consultation, I spend some time getting to know you and your tastes/preferences. During this time I learn about your lifestyle and dressing habits, body shape, pet peeves, and budget. Afterward, I create a simple vision board for us to dream up the style you’d like to achieve. (1 hour)

At this point, you’re a client! We will book time to analyze your current style habits and strategize some future purchases. This involves a “closet cleanout” or closet consultation in which we can discuss what you currently own. This allows me to help you ensemble some of your current items and flag any holes that should be filled with new items! 

When it comes time for shopping, I favor a collaborative approach. I choose items carefully curated for the needs identified in the consult and cleanout phases, and I put the power in your hands to purchase. Follow-up and additional ensembling is available.

What if I’m looking for a certain item? A specific outfit?

No problem! This happens often.

If we’ve had a consult, there is an hourly finder’s fee for me to seek out your desired piece(s) (see pricing: a la carte). If we have not had a consult, the service is available and will require an additional $50 fee. 


Maya Quijada