Shane conducted an efficient and highly accurate online assessment of my current fitness levels.

The attention to detail from my consultation was extremely impressive and Shane left no margin for error when demonstrating the proposed S&C exercises, Shane made it paramount to provide a high level of detail on how to provide my tendons with sufficient loads to rehabilitate them.

Having consistently followed the proposed rehabilitation program over the last 12 weeks I have advanced from hardly being able to walk a kilometre without pain in my knees, to running consistently and achieving personal best times for distances over 5km & 10km.

I have already recommended Shane to connect with a number of friends/colleagues to take their rehabilitation to the next level, his thirst for knowledge is apparent in the detailed yet easy to understand methods he implements when advising a recovery process. 

Nirvanna Mitchell

Talent Acquisition, Melbourne, Australia

You aint ever been to the gym unless you’ve trained with Shane. It’s just that simple.

The man is elite in every domain. A highly-trained and ruthlessly focused professional who knows how to get the most out of you. He’s got an infectious energy and likability that makes you want to workout. Even on the days you don’t. And soon enough, that same mentality rubs off into your own life, and you start working for yourself in ways that you never have before.

Shane is demanding, fun and knows how to get results. That is why Gore Athletic is the holy grail in my book for fitness. Forget Orange Theory, F45 or Peloton, Shane’s pedagogy, philosophy and programs are the truth. And that’s the reason he’s already at the top level of sports game at just 26 years old.

He’s helped me fall back in love with myself and my athletic gifts. I’m the fittest and most mentally sound I’ve been for a decade. And for that, I’ll always be indebted to him.

It won’t be long until Gore Athletic is a household name. Join him soon rather than later. Get your mind right, body strong and become a part of this amazing story.

Cornelius McGrath

Entrepreneur, Chicago

Shane helped me enormously in coming back from surgery due to a shoulder dislocation. The time and effort he put into me getting back to full fitness meant that I was back playing in just over 3 months.

His attention to deal in planning my rehab programme was second to none. He made the transition of returning to performance easy but not rushed, and on return to play I felt much fitter and stronger than I ever had done prior to my injury.

Tom Steene

Ealing Trailfinders Academy, London

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