6 workouts per week. 1 program per month. Gains every quarter. Accountability daily.


6 workouts per week. 1 program per month. Gains every quarter. Accountability daily.


What is included in my membership?
  1. Monthly training programme delivered straight to your phone on the last Sunday of every month including 4 core and 2 supplementary workouts per week
  2. Access to a thriving fitness community via WhatsApp – posting daily workouts and pushing each other to get better!
  3. A FREE copy of the GAP body bible – your go-to for training & nutrition education and busting fitness myths
How do I get my training plans?

All training plans are delivered straight to your phone via the MyPT Hub app. This will include all relevant information, including video tutorials/

What if I have specific goals?

The training regime is very much varied for 6 workouts per week. This will cover the absolute necessities for general physical development (strength training, cardiovascular and muscle hypertrophy work) with two option days provided for those with differing goals. Sessions for these days will also be included for you to choose your preference.

What if I have a hectic work schedule?

GAP’s training programme is designed for flexibility. We know how crazy life can be and we don’t want you stressing because there were office Mojito’s flying around on Thursday afternoon. If you miss a session, it is easy to make it up on another day. We aren’t all robots.

How will I access the community?

Once you enrol, you will get access to the GAP WhatsApp group. We share comments about workouts, PB’s, photos and the trauma of the training sessions we are all going through!

How do I know this is right for me?

You will have an introductory diagnostic and Zoom call with Shane. This is an opportunity to discuss your lifestyle, current training level and your goals. From this information, we can ensure you enter the program at a level that suits you, so you train hard and smart.