I Am Andre Wilson

AUGUST 8, 1983

Andre Wilson


I am a dreamer and doer in the relentless pursuit of excellence.

I am a trusted advisor that enjoy helping leaders build emotional resilience. I enjoy managing projects and leading cross-cultural teams. I am energetic, resourceful, and value people. affirmative.

To my core, I am humanitarian; love the art of competition; remain culturally curious, and want people to grow-achieve and laugh.

I am someone who wants a global reach.


I. Who am I? 



II. What is my value proposition?

III. What is my story?

I grew up on a farm. Up early mornings walking the dew saturated grass, tilling the soil, harvesting vegetables, walking the landscape, and appreciating the purist form of nature. Growing up on a farm instills a certain work ethic, value system and character. As I reflect on my childhood, I realize the profound impact and lessons learned from farming on my grown-up self, especially hard work, dedication, loyalty, curiosity, passion and a drive to succeed. 
A handshake and your word are as important as a contract.





Today, I’m just a man trying to realize his full potential post-retirement. I am pulling myself up the hill in order to gather my maximum “potential” energy.

I’m chasing fulfilment. What’s been missing is work-life balance, getting paid my value and compounding my entrepreneurial spirit. I want freedom of time, place and money so I actually have the ability to help the unrepresented.


Execution is in my blood. I seek ways to inspire, collaborate, adapt, be vulnerable, and disrupt when needed.

I’m the best in the world at elevating team perofrmance.

Throughout my career, I have been at the forefront of foreign diplomacy, team building, coaching, mentoring, operational efficiency, red team thinking, strategy, and called on to develop solutions and innovative technologies that have enabled strategic operations, stronger partnerships engagement, and talent development.

Andre Wilson