I Am George Singer

JAN 20, 1993

George Singer


I’m the data analyst you’d
actually get a beer with.

And I’m looking to build Moneyball for the world of football. Specifically, for clubs with fewer resources but just as much ambition as the top-tier teams.

I can help clubs win more football matches in novel ways without a fat chequebook. 


I. What is the professional life I want within the domain of sports analytics?

II. Why have I not been noticed by decision-makers within this domain? 

III. How do I create a brand that will get me noticed, and is also fun & fulfilling to build?


Growing up in a close family in rural Hertfordshire, I was supported to explore the areas I was passionate about. It took me into sports teams and high-performance in school.

My life has been missing a strong and varied network of people who can help me upon my journey.

I’m a passionate, creative and objective data analyst – and I want to apply my skills to interesting problems which I’m passionate about.

I’ve recently moved from a project manager role, which never aligned with my core values – like the feeling of wearing someone else’s shoes. I’m now so much happier being on the correct ladder, however I want to find out how to climb upwards.






How can I create a brand, or product, related to sports analytics which I love and also helps to move forward with my career?

I’m hard-working, diligent, and resilient. When 99% of others give up, I refuse to.

I’m looking to understand how to better understand, and solve, complex challenges through the use of data. I’m a passionate believer in the value of thinking differently, and objectively, through data – and I love to create value for an organisation through creative and inventive processes

I want to provide value. The more value I can provide, the happier I am.

I need to meet people who are the owner of problem spaces which can be solved through data analytics. They should meet me, as I have a track record of thinking outside the box to provide insight and new answers to complex space.

Making complicated things intuitive, in a way that doesn’t compromise on context.

I love the world of data analytics. I love the magic of transfiguring a table on numbers into a story narrative, bonded with actionable insight to make something better. I love to apply this to interesting, unique and valuable domains.


You only miss the
shots you don’t take.


— Wayne Gretsky
— Michael Scott

George Singer