I Am Olivia Hernandez
APRIL 7, 1999

Olivia Hernandez


I’m a curious combination of experiences, stories, and businesses.

I am the daughter of a Cuban immigrant who was taught that anything is possible.

Once a burnt-out college student who thought she had no choice but to join the corporate world forever, I have decided to take a leap and build my own business around what I am passionate about – Cuban culture, songwriting, and entrepreneurship.

I. How do I define “my value”?



II. How can I attract others who approach life with a similar set of values?

III. How can I empower myself and others to live meaningfully by our values?
My story begins with my grandmother. A female from Matanzas, Cuba. She was the first matancera in my family and grew up in the small beach town selling muñecos, or figurines made out of sea shells.
Robbed of the opportunity to get an education, she spent her days collecting, sorting, and fashioning shells into something a tourist might buy. From a young age she was resilient and resourceful, doing what she could to provide for her family.





In 1971, she fled Cuba with her husband and three children. She spent her adult life caring for my father and his siblings and working odd jobs to give them a chance at making it in this country. Whether I am founding a startup, designing systems, or expressing myself through songwriting, I approach everything I do with the matancera spirit, embodying the qualities of resourcefulness, resilience, and reliability that she modeled for me. Through me, the legacy of the hardworking women in my family, las matanceras, lives on.

To be a Matancera is a spirit and ethos. It’s a way of life and a way of being. 

It’s to be resilient – to work with what you have and be entrepreneurial in every sense of the word.

It is to be kind, nurturing, and a stewardess of the land and your community.

It is to be endlessly creative and courageous in the pursuit of your own greatness, whatever that means to you.

I am working towards redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur by centering my life (and business) around creativity and community. 

In the past, I have been lacking in my capacity to embrace my own potential. Too many worldly distractions and pressures have kept me from opening my mind and heart to the abundance around me. I look forward to rediscovering it and helping others to do the same by talking to today’s creative entrepreneurs about how they navigate blending the worlds of business and creativity.

I want to be paid to create a thriving ecosystem of creative entrepreneurs. To become a thought leader at the intersection of creative entrepreneurship, songwriting, and the Cuban experience.

By creating a community of like-minded people, releasing my upcoming album, and launching my podcast La Matancera, I believe I will be well on my way to manifesting this first step in my Breakout.


I’m a songwriter, storyteller, and entrepreneur bringing the Latinx community together through experiences, music, and business.

Olivia Hernandez