Cornelius McGrath


Cornelius McGrath



In 1727, Benjamin Franklin founded the Junto. The group was made up of ingenious people committed to their own individual improvement and that of society. The Junto lasted 38 years and was a launching pad for many a landmark project – the first lending library, the Union Fire Company and the University of Pennsylvania all came out of the group.


A lot has changed since 1727. But our need and desire to convene, discuss ideas and create with folks across the industry has not.  In fact, we need it more than ever. Increasingly isolated in a digital-first world,
modern-day society is not built for cross-industry collaboration, nor do the spaces exist for diverse and rich discourse to take place. 

We are known by our job titles, as opposed to our true personalities. Socializing with the same faces every week, rarely are we exposed to new viewpoints or humans with lived experiences that are different from our own. It’s almost impossible to find the time or energy to branch out into anything other than what we’re paid to do.

A community of insatiably curious game-changers who learn what they don’t know and share what they do.


The Junto strives to put an end to that reality. By returning to Franklin’s 1727 ideals, we can create spaces for those who are insatiably curious, curating a peer-to-peer driven community for game-changers across industry who want to learn what they don’t know and teach what they do.

At its best, the Junto is a bridge to the outside world through our inner selves. An opportunity to meet ingenious people outside of the confines of our own daily lives, and internalize the knowledge, relationships, and trust we need to self-actualize our dreams.

Retreat in Austin, TX. January ’21.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.


We don’t claim to have all the answers. But what we do have is the space to ask the right questions and access to the formidable humans capable of helping you co-create solutions that can improve society at large.

The Junto connects you to an army of game-changers that you can count on. And makes you wiser, smarter, hungrier and happier in the process. We’re here to help you eliminate your blind spots and manifest your craziest ideas.

But, most importantly, we’re here to help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be.


We exist not because our backgrounds are similar, but rather because we believe in the power of diverse discourse, collaboration, and it’s unique ability to help others inspire action. 

To us, this is unlike anything you can get in or from a workplace, conference or alumni network. And ironically enough, that is exactly why it is something the world so desperately needs.

Cornelius McGrath