Inspired Leadership Initiative (ILI)

They say you’re never too old to stop learning. And that the smartest in the world keep reading once they know it all. In this series, we document the incredible stories behind Notre Dame’s inaugural ILI cohort from South Bend to Rome.

EE x ILI Series

EE x ILI Series


Welcome to ILI

Throughout life, we’re constantly faced with the question: what do you want to do? At ILI, we prefer to ask a different question: who do you want to be? That is what you have to offer in the next stage of your life.


A Day in the Life

No two days are the same for an ILI fellow. Inside and out of the classroom, we all strive to be healthy, happy, to feel community and family, and connect to our inner purpose. And there isn’t a more perfect place to do the above than Notre Dame.


Trip to Roma

In this episode, we follow the ILI to the Roma. From mass in the Sistine Chapel to nights at the opera and evenings spent nursing a beautiful glasses of red wine, the Fellows experienced the very best of the Holy Land.