Find your home in our ecosystem.


Find your home in our ecosytem.



Why should I subscribe?
What we decide to read, who we choose to listen to, and how we engage with ideas is the most profound decision we make every day as human beings. And yet, many of us have outsourced our most crucial developmental function to influencers, algorithms and half-baked internet synthesisers.

The Junto and 1727 Magazine exist for all those who want to make up their own mind. We’re built to provide a live medium for curious and contrarian thinkers to grapple with our generation’s most compelling ideas and stories.

What option should I choose?
Dollar for dollar, Junto Gold offers the best value for money. It includes a ticket to each of our quarterly retreats ($600), 4x issues of 1727 Magazine and your very own Leuchtturm1917 x Junto Journal. All for $350/year. It’s a no-brainer.

Junto members also get:

  1. full access to the online Junto archive holding every article ever published in 1727 and access to all talks from every prior Virtual Junto retreat.
  2. Exclusive invitation to Founding Member events around the globe and access to limited edition product collaborations online.
How can I access 1727?
You can access your account by signing in using the email address and password you were sent when ordering your membership.
Can I buy journals as gifts for friends and family?
If you’re a subscriber, yes. Just email with your request, and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Journals available in black only for gift purchases.
What’s your refund policy?
Please note that all subscriptions are strictly non-refundable. If you require more information regarding cancellations and refunds, please contact
What do I do if my password isn’t working?
Please contact, confirming the full name and email address of the subscriber on the account. We will contact you with instructions explaining how to reset your password.
When does my subscription start?
All subscriptions commence from the date of purchase for one year. For your convenience, they will be renewed automatically. If you do not wish to renew your subscription, you can cancel via the Stripe link in your first invoice.

Select manage my account and select the cancellation option in Stripe. Please note that the cancellation request must be submitted at least two weeks before your next payment is due.

Will I be contacted when each issue is published?
No. However, when accessing your Junto account, you will be able to see the publishing dates of the issues covered by your subscription, including the current edition as well as any special editions.
When will I receive my journal?
If you’re part of the Junto Gold package, we will email you with shipping information for your journal. Delivery times will range based on availability, stock and your location.
What makes 1727 different from other magazines?
At 1727, our readers (consumers) and writers (source) are constantly communicating with each other. Inside and out of our quarterly retreats. Why? Because that’s how ideas actually grow and get sharper; through conversation and debate, not retweets.

And that’s what we’re here to do: grow ideas. Not publish magazines. After all, conversation is the true medium of innovation. Not technology. Great conversations are a lost art. But also a once in a lifetime experience when done right. 

We’ve figured out how to get them right by creating the space for our readers (consumers), writers (source) and speakers (inspiration) to get together once a quarter. 

We’re off the record. We’re live. We’re real.

How do retreats work?
Our retreats occur once per quarter on the third weekend of every third month (March, June, September, December). They take place virtually on Zoom from Thursday-Saturday. We have ~5 talks from world-class speakers plus a happy hour kickoff on Friday evening.

Each talk is 90 minutes long and follows The School of Life’s conversation menu format. All talks are recorded but strictly off-the-record. Speakers utilize breakout rooms and expect audience members to participate actively in the discussion. We don’t have much love for the mute button or cameras being off.

Retreats are a space for you to come to dissect ideas, build new relationships and feel the power of our global community.

Why can't I just buy the magazine?
Because content is a commodity. A one-way conversation with yourself. We’re here to provide community and intimacy – the two things we believe the world needs most.

Our magazine comes out four times per year, and we get together quarterly for hours-long conversations on the best topics of the day. The relationships and conversations that Junto retreats provide take the ideas you have to the next level. 

The most prominent asset of any publication is its readers. And we fundamentally believe that the world is desperately looking for ways to connect with a premium evergreen publication brand in a live, physical and, experiential way. Simply put: a stand-alone magazine does not achieve that goal.

In a nutshell, what’s the value of membership?
The Junto allows you to experience the world in an entirely new way. With access to exclusive retreats across some of the best cities in the world, members can build lifelong relationships with a unique collection of intellectually curious people who want to discover and learn. 

None of the major publishers creates a space for their readers to grapple with ideas like we do. We all know how terrible the anonymous comment sections of the NYT are. And our conversation-first model provides 10x the value for less than a year’s subscription at the WSJ.

Stop asking yourself: “Is this information worth $300 a year?” and start thinking about what you can create in this life with access to a global group of like-minded people.

How many issues will I receive?
1727 magazine is published 4 times per year. In February, May, August, November. At this time, the magazine is digital-only.
How do I upgrade my subscription?
You can upgrade subscriptions through EE’s customer portal on Stripe. You can access this portal from your original receipt. Click the link that reads “manage your account”, navigate to “manage my plan” and choose your new desired premium tier.