EE x Spotnana

Forging the future of travel.

EE x Spotnana

Forging the future of travel.



Everyday Entrepreneur (EE) has today announced its partnership with Spotnana, a leading provider of cloud-based travel technology. The two organizations are partnering to support the needs and enhance the travel experience of EE’s global client base.

Led by Sarosh Waghmar, Spotnana is rebuilding the infrastructure of the travel industry. The NY-based company acts as a global travel technology platform for individuals, corporations and travel businesses, raising more than $100M from Madrona Venture Group, ICONIQ Capital and AMEX Ventures, among others. Steve Singh, founder and CEO of Concur, is the board’s executive chairman alongside a star-studded cast of industry visionaries.

Led by British entrepreneur Cornelius McGrath,  EE is a professional concierge for organizations and individuals worldwide. The Chicago-based collective has over 650 customers across five continents, counting Fortune 500 executives, NYT bestselling authors, and top-tier universities as corporate clients. EE’s membership base is comprised of cutting-edge entrepreneurs, creatives, and military leaders, among others.

The New Travel Platform for Professionals 

Spotnana’s vision is to bring freedom, simplicity and trust to travelers everywhere. The platform provides users with 365, 24/7 human support via chat, email and phone, as well as access to negotiated fares, loyalty benefits and customizable travel profiles.

“Our members are sophisticated travellers, but even they can’t escape the perils of post-pandemic travel,” said McGrath. “What good is elite status if you still have to wait hours to speak to an agent and are still at constant risk of cancellation?”

McGrath believes success in today’s delay-filled environment is being able to pivot quickly when things inevitably change. “Regardless of where our members find themselves in the world, Spotnana is always there,” said McGrath. “We get elite service without years spent travelling on one airline. Regardless of the need or ask, Spotnana treats us like we have the highest status. It’s our Concierge Key membership in our back pocket.”

Spotnana is already a smash hit with EE’s biggest travellers. “All my loyalty programs, seat preferences, allergies, and preferred payment methods are in one place,” said Killian MacDonald, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and Edinburgh-based EE Member.

“As somebody who travelled back and forth from D.C. to Saudi Arabia practically bi-weekly, my travels don’t often allow me to be brand loyal to just one hotel or airline. Never being asked for a booking, loyalty program or credit card number. And when there is an issue, or I’ve just lost track of my travels, I get the peace of mind that whatever happens, Spotnana has my back.”

The New Travel Platform for Organizations

Everyday Entrepreneur is one of the first B2B2C businesses on Spotnana, simultaneously creating exposure for the travel platform among professionals and the organizations they represent.

“EE is a unique and exciting partner for us,” said Brett Leslie, Director for Spotnana. “Their professional members use us for all their leisure travel. However, these same individuals either run or represent a business, so they’re formidable evangelists of our product and value.”

The partnership has created a unique bottom-up go-to-market strategy for Spotnana. Now, the two organizations are working to integrate further into EE’s corporate offering.

“Isolation yielded a demand for travel, conversation and connection outside the office, so we’ve pioneered a new way for corporations to conduct business doing just that,” says McGrath. “Our clients hire us to access the cutting-edge experiences, talent and tools they need to thrive in the new world of work. Using Spotnana to travel to and from the experiences we curate for them worldwide is the perfect introduction and use-case.”

Leslie agrees. “Most of the business we see from a volume perspective in agencies comes from groups. We want to power the best experiences for conveners and travellers in the workplace today. So, it’s advantageous for us to partner with EE, who has a formidable track record of convening fascinating people across the globe.”

Spotnana is undoubtedly in good company. EE’s workplace concierge platform is also home to a network of first-class partners, inside and out of hospitality. “From Michelin-star chefs, trainers and 5-star hotels to a world-class travel platform, creative, or community-driven CRM, we’ve got you covered,” said McGrath. “EE provides the blueprint and white-glove service for your most essential workplace needs.”

The New Standard for Partnership

Beyond B2B2C, EE and Spotnana will continue working as partners to improve their respective offerings and diversify their clientele.

“What excites me about this partnership is the quality of our conversations about the future,” says McGrath. “There are very few brands who engage our members as diligently as Spotnana has. That doesn’t go unnoticed. Their team is hungry to hear our feedback, ideas and recommendations on features, integrations and services.”

“The possibilities are endless,” says Leslie. “Whether it’s reshaping the state of the travel ecosystem or redefining how organizations get work done, Spotnana and EE are experts in creating frictionless world-class experiences. We stand together in our belief that enabling people to travel and convene optimally can dramatically change the lives of people and the performance of businesses everywhere.”

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