The one-stop shop for modern-day professionals.


The one-stop shop for modern-day professionals.


With company headquarters in the cloud, professionals will now spend almost all their working lives outside a traditional workplace. 

It doesn’t matter where professionals work. What matters is how they’ll access experiences, relationships, and conversations capable of changing their life.

Everyday Entrepreneur (EE) is the answer to this difficult challenge.

EE is the world’s first workplace concierge. Think of us as the one-stop shop for your most pressing professional and personal needs.

Our membership gives you access to our world of people, ideas, opportunities, and tools capable of taking you to the next level.

We’ve spent the last two years in private beta, refining our product with 650 of the world’s top professionals. Equipped with their insights, feedback, and rave reviews, we’re ready to take EE public.

Now, we’ll take questions.

Why did you build this? Life is a game, but we realized there was no place dedicated to learning how to play it. University is pricey and doesn’t last. Membership clubs can be cool but don’t advance any of your actual needs. We wanted a space dedicated to mastering the greatest game we will ever play.

If I join, what do I get? Access the entire world of EE – cutting-edge content, conversation, training, services, and experiences, as well as our global Rolodex of members, advisors and customers, who provide friendship, inspiration, introductions, and a healthy dose of accountability depending on your needs.

What’s the value exchange? You’re hiring us to level up. We’re hiring you to do the work you’re capable of by leveraging the infrastructure we’ve built. EE is an accelerant for the work you must do and the life you must live. We’re your seed capital.

How do I join? Sign up here for one of our membership tiers. Each emphasizes a different part of our ecosystem – travel, literacy, hospitality and business. We only provide annual plans because our work takes time to have an impact. We encourage you to consider the reward 5 years from now instead of 1. EE’s value compounds. The annual commitment signifies that you’re investing in your future and, therefore, ours.

In summary: EE helps you see and become who you were meant to be. We’re here to build your best you.

Cornelius McGrath


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