All-Natural Wine Tasting

Join us for The Saturday Club’s (TSC) monthly wine tasting.

Chris Lingua will lead a private tasting with 6 all-natural wines. Expect delicious vino, charcuterie and conversation in each of our host cities:

New York, Rhode Island, Chicago, South Bend, Nashville & Memphis

Reserve Your Spot Now

Monday, December 6th

Monday, December 6th

6:30PM (CT)

Arrival + Welcome

Please arrive promptly for welcome remarks, snacks and a chance to get to know the group ahead of the tasting.

7-8:00PM (CT)

Guided Tasting

Chris Lingua will guide us through a riveting 6-wine tasting, sharing the stories behind and history of each bottle/producer.

8:00-9:30PM (CT)

Conversation Menu
Now you know your favourite glass, pour yourself another and settle in for 90-minutes of fast-paced off-the-record conversation.

Led by our local hosts, you’ll dive deep into a curated conversation menu personalized to the other guests in the room of your city.

We hope you leave enlightened, inspired or wiser in some domain with a few new friendly faces in your city.



What is The Saturday Club?
The Saturday Club is a conversation and dining society started in 1855 by a group of intellectuals in Boston. Some notable founding members were Ralph Waldo Emerson, Cornelius Felton & Thoreau. The club met on the last Saturday of the month and were in fact the founders of The Atlantic Magazine as it is known today.

We’re reviving The Saturday Club in modern-day form with the help of Chef Mark Steuer & Savant Chris Lingua.

What's the connection between EE and TSC?

Everyday Entrepreneur is a modern-day storytelling collective. It’s home to a stable of forward-thinking content, education, experience + community-oriented brands.

TSC is EE’s revival of the infamous 1855 conversation and dining society that began in Boston and founded the Atlantic Magazine. Each month, we’ll host world-class wine + dining experiences in select cities across the world. It’s a fantastic way to get your feet wet in our community and build relationships over delicious food + vino. 

Chris Lingua is TSC’s resident wine savant and Mark Steuer is TSC’s resident chef.          

Why Monday? I’d prefer a weekend.

Hospitality geniuses like Chris don’t have time on weekends. They are working long and arduous hours. They have time on Monday-Wednesday. It’s often one of or their only day(s) off. Plus, the businesses (e.g. hotels, restaurants) we’re serving don’t have a lot of traffic post-COVID, and so we’re able to get what we want during midweek.

Your social schedule is less busy on Monday, too. Post COVID wedding schedules dominate weekends. It’s less invasive and proves that you can have fun during the week without losing productivity. It forces you to break out of your routine, which is what we’re all about here at EE. 

We’ve had some of the best nights of my life on a Monday. Our minds are free(er). We’re here to kill Sunday scaries.

Who is Chris Lingua?

Chris Lingua is The Saturday Club’s all-natural wine partner and founder of Sauvage PHX. He is an incredibly talented wine savant.

If you’d like to dive deep into Chris’ story and vision for TSC x Wine, listen to this podcast.

What is a conversation menu? How does it work?

Conversation menus were created by Alain De Botton and the team at The School of Life:

“Arranged to accompany a virtual dinner party, these Conversation Menus invite us to open up around key themes: the virus, but also love, money, travel, ambition, self-knowledge and the meaning of life. They contain questions that will raise smiles, build friendships and foster the best kind of intimacy, ensuring that our meals apart can be as good as they ever were together.”

See examples here.

Who is my host?

Our hosts are some of the most exceptional talents we have in the EE community. They are as follows:

Chicago – Charbel Bourjas 
Boston, MA/Providence, RI – Alexia Williams
New York City – Maxwell Brown
South Bend, IN – Isabella Di Bono
Nashville, TN – Sharan Kalva


Where do we meet?

Each TSC city will have a different meeting location, typically inside the home of a member, or friend of the EE broader community.

You will receive location information directly from your host once your ticket has been purchased.

Is this invite-only?

Yes, we only have 10 spots available for each city. We want this to be both an intimate and first-class experience for all. So, reserve your spot ASAP.

Is my ticket refundable?
No, it is not. All ticket sales are non-refundable due to the cost of wine, shipping, food and logistics of the event.
Why are tickets difference prices?

Because there are varying local costs associated with each wine night (e.g. shipping costs, food costs, event space rental etc).