AUGUST 21-23



Virtual Junto

Cornelius McGrath


Cornelius McGrath


AUGUST 21-23, 2020

Dearest Junto Members, Guests & Friends,

The August Virtual Junto is upon us. 

A few lifetimes have passed since we convened in May. I could not be more excited to try and make sense of it all with you and some world-class practitioners.

It’s hard to believe we’re eight months into 2020 – the craziest year we’ve ever seen. It seems as if everything we knew to be true has been turned on its head. 

Which begs the question: what remains?

I’ve been spending (almost all) my time thinking about this question. I don’t have a complete answer. But three things come to the top of my mind when I think about it.

They are identity, curiosity and community. I recognize these themes are the lifeblood of absolutely everything that we do. Not to mention often the heart of the mechanisms through which we actualize change. 

In a time where exponential change is the norm, I don’t believe identity, curiosity and community are going anywhere. However, the how, why, where and when of their manifestation is changing rapidly. I see this juxtaposition as a great theme to underpin August’s retreat.

I believe the greatest value from August’s Virtual Junto will come not from one talk. But instead through recognizing the points at which the collective playbooks of these world-class practitioners converge and diverge. 

In other words, the consilience of identity, curiosity and community. And how you can integrate those learnings into your psyche, life and daily practice.


At August’s Virtual Junto, you’ll hear from a select group of immensely talented artists, educators, entrepreneurs, cultural nomads, and modern-day philosophers.

Each speaker not only has a unique set of experiences with identity, curiosity and community. But also works extremely hard day in and day out to shape the above in their own way. 

You will have the opportunity to join these 6 live conversations via Zoom. They will take place during these windows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday:


Welcome to The Junto: Happy Hour & Retreat Kickoff

Info: Let your hair down, socialize with members and learn how the Junto works over a drink.
Cornelius McGrath, Cam Perna & Josh Whelan.
Time: 4:00 – 5:30PM (CT)


Unlearning Conformity, Conforming to Curiosity

Info: Learn how Alexia believes we can reclaim our child-like curiosity in classrooms across the globe.
Speaker: Alexia Williams – Special Educator & Interventionist.
Time: 9:00 – 10:30AM (CT)

Bad Bitch in Business: Building Community

Info: Learn how Molly builds movements across the USA through her new conversation platform Community.
Molly DeWolf Swenson – Emmy-award winning Filmmaker, Entrepreneur & Musician.
Time: 12:00 – 1:30 PM (CT)

The World’s On Fire: Curiosity, Culture & Connection

Info: Learn how Brad gets paid to help the globe’s most powerful creative minds make sense of the world at large.
Brad Grossman – CEO of Zeitguide & Host of Culture Class.
Time: 3:00 – 4:30 PM (CT)


Chauffeurs, Champagne & Lie-Flats: Taking Control of Your Travel Experience

Info: Learn how Casey leverages his personal finance system to travel the world like a millionaire.
Casey Donnelly – Travel Expert, Culture Nomad and Data Scientist.
Time: 9:00 – 10:30AM (CT)

IG vs Reality: The Life of a Modern-Day Influencer Philosopher

Info: Learn how Elliott has built a world-class brand and company on IG through cocktails, photos and laughter.
Elliott Clark – Entrepreneur, Cocktail Influencer & Lifestyle Philosopher.
Time: 12:00 – 1:30 PM (CT)

The Final Horcrux: Slaying Your Inner Antagonist

Info: Learn why Asha believes that we’re the greatest protagonist and antagonist in our own lives.
Asha Rampertaap – Artist & Educator
Time: 3:00 – 4:30 PM (CT)


Register for August’s Virtual Junto here. The fee is $100.

90 minutes is ‘scheduled’ for each talk. But not all talks will last 90 minutes. In fact, I fully expect some to last several hours.

Talks will follow the School of Life’s conversation menu format – you can familiarize yourself with that style here.

All conversations are peer-to-peer driven; speakers are merely meant to provoke conversation. They do not have all the answers.

Come ready to inquire, debate, and have some fun.

At the Junto, you get out what you put in. Come ready to inquire, debate, and go first.



There are several hours between each talk. This is by design.

I’ve been to my fair share of conferences and have always wondered: whoever thought that having 16 talks back-to-back with no Q+A or break was valuable?

In Britain, we have a saying: what a load of bollocks! And no bollocks will be had at the Junto.

By all means use the breaks to recharge, live your lives, take your dogs for walks, or join that legendary quarantine Zoom call that’s the new highlight of your social life. 

My real hope, however, is that you’ll the time to talk to one of your fellow members via FaceTime, Zoom, or (dare I say it) Skype.

After all, this is the real value of the Junto: the community.

Breaks are a time to explore even deeper personal conversations in a more intimate space. Know where and who you want to invest your time over the course of the weekend.



Many of you have asked to bring guests along to the retreat. They can sign-up here and must indicate that they have been referred by you. The fee for guests is $100. 

If they enjoy the weekend – and are deemed great contributors by current members – they will receive a formal invitation to join future Junto Retreats.

Remember: The Junto is a space to follow your deepest curiosities through the lens of love, life and action. So can learn what you don’t know, and teach what you do. 

Go first. Bring your A-Game. And let the fireworks begin. 

Cornelius McGrath