Liz Brody

Liz Brody is a contributing editor at Entrepreneur magazine. 

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Growing a Business

The Brand Whiz Behind Sun Bum Is Famous For Making Boring Products Fun. Then, This One Stumped Him.

Everything Tom Rinks touched turned to gold until he took on a brand launch at Target that fizzled. Then, he found a creepy doll on Ebay, and he saw a way forward.

Growing a Business

She 'Reverse-Engineered' Her First Company's Failure Into a Sober-Curious Brand Making $25 Million a Year

Shizu Okusa ran her first company for eight years but never made enough money. When she founded Apothékary, she knew what she had to do differently.

Growing a Business

This Couple Ignored the Common Wisdom of the Jewelry Industry, And Started Making $100 Million a Year

Aditi and Agkur Daga were told that their founding concept would never work, and at first, they listened. But they took a risk, and reversed course.


5 Disasterous Situations You Could Face As a Leader In 2024 — And How to Survive Them, According to Experts

From toxic remote workplaces to economic insecurity and global disasters, there's a lot to worry about. But you can be prepared.


¿Deberías contratar a un consultor de inteligencia artificial? Te decimos cuándo y cuándo no conviene hacerlo

Nadie quiere quedarse atrás y hay una creciente industria de consultores de IA que quieren ayudar. ¿Pero vale la pena la inversión?

Science & Technology

Should You Hire An AI Consultant? Here's When It's the Right Move, and When It's Not.

No one wants to get left behind, and there's a growing industry of AI consultants who want to help. But is it worth the investment?

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